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Meet Alina

Director of Operations DRE#01820197

Alina has been the hidden hand behind some of the most influential real estate teams and developments in San Diego's recent history and while serving on 2 major San Diego real estate powerhouses, she oversaw $1 Billion in sales. A trusted mind in valuation and property assessment, Alina has always been known for her property valuations; however, her sense of real market conditions and the human side to residential real estate has formed her into an incredible advisor on transactions. Listing Manager is a major term and for minds as bright as Alina's it has meant that she sat in the front seat for sales and developments that have been a part of San Diego's history. As a real estate professional since 2005, Alina has sold real estate for clients, advised other top brokers as they grew companies, worked hand-in-hand with developers on massive projects, and explored the changing role of art, marketing, and social media in the industry itself. As a gifted and prolific photographer; Alina has brought not just a business focus but an artist’s eye to the listing marketing projects the O'Byrne Team has become famous for. Alina has also brought a level of compassion, friendliness, and care to the O'Byrne Team that has helped shape our unique voice in the business. Very few licensed brokers in the entire state of California have the experience of Alina Mendoza and it is that and the personality that has made her integral to the continued success of our team. CA DRE# 01820197

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